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  1. To artists, let Luscious be your hentai foundry. Hentai (変態 or へんたい), or seijin-anime (anime pornography) is a Japanese term for explicit, pornographic comics, and nude sexual animation. In the world of erotica, hentai is unmatched in imaginative creativity.
  2. NXT TakeOver: The End, also called NXT TakeOver: The End of the Beginning, was a professional wrestling show and WWE Network event in the NXT TakeOver series that took place on June 8, It was produced by WWE, showcasing its NXT divisions and streamed live on the WWE Network. The name "The End" stemmed from this being the final TakeOver event (to date) to take place at NXT's Brand(s): NXT.
  3. You Don't Know Lyrics: Romaji by: cori / Kanojo to kare ga kawasu kaiwa / Kangaetara mune KYUN to naru wa / Zoku ni iu kore ga koi no JIRENMA / Kanashii kana onna no saga / Tsuyogatte wakare.
  4. Neon Genesis Evangelion Deviance By Random Part 1 (End of Episode 15) Asuka: Beyond her heart "So, Shinji, do you want to kiss me?" Shinji Ikari's mind started racing, -is she serious? Am I dreaming or something? Maybe I'm still in the entry plug somehow - "Well do you or not? It's not that big of a deal, just a way to kill time.".
  5. Read 42 galleries with character alexis rhodes on nhentai, a hentai doujinshi and manga reader.
  6. After hearing a light knock on the door, I opened it up and there Asuka was, all smiles with a shining aura around her. She had a nice angelic voice, greeted each other and let her in. She then made a phone call to the shop to tell them she had arrived and we decided to move to the next step. Shower Play.
  7. God, she even slowly but surely pushed it into her throat so she could get every drop of that ass, her inner ATM slut/cock sucker shining through as she so thoroughly degraded herself. "Good girl." Asuka grinned with delight, "Now me.
  8. Apr 26,  · Be shine, shining! is a song by CHiSPA. It was used as an insert song in We Sang! episode of first season of the anime BanG Dream!.. It was written by Oda Asuka, composed by Ryutaru Fujinaga and arranged by Tomaru Ryota of Elements Garden.
  9. Cure WorldCosplay is a free website for submitting cosplay photos and is used by cosplayers in countries all around the world. Even if you’re not a cosplayer yourself, you can still enjoy looking at high-quality cosplay photos from around the world.
  10. The Shining Stars (–) From April to May , several videos aired on Raw promoting the return of Primo and Epico, who revived their Puerto Rican gimmick under the new name The Shining Stars. They were presented as arrogant heels, urging viewers to come to Puerto Rico, calling it the "Shining Star of the Caribbean."Members: Primo Colón/Primo/Diego, .

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