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9 thoughts on “ Happy Accident - Polyphase - Scissors Are Better Than Knives

  1. Aug 13,  · If it’s too dense to fix, rather than toss it in the bin, I save it and use it in some sort of mixed media or fabric collage if possible. You could also use the embroidered design in an in-the-hoop applique design such as a crazy quilt. Great way to repurpose and turn a mistake into a happy accident.
  2. To Whims, cutting pizza with scissors is more logical than using a clunky pizza wheel. “I think it makes it really easy,” she said. “For some pizzas, fresh mozzarella on the pizza is kind of slippery on the tomato sauce, and if you’re having to wrangle it too much with a knife and fork, the Author: Garin Pirnia.
  3. And from that happy little (divine) accident, I wound up with skirts for my girls in less than ten minutes. Want to know how? Seriously it was that simple. And if you use bias tape or some type of binding on the bottom, you can skip the hemming part all together – score!
  4. Oct 03,  · It may not rise to the level of culinary but it was definitely a happy accident. When my kids were very little we would give them fresh raw green beans to munch on. One day my 2 year old dipped the green bean in blueberry yogurt and offered it to me. Being a good mom I .
  5. Another thing I like is the many blade facets, and the fact that it has a spike-like structure to it. The thickness is all the way to the tip instead of becoming paper thin at the tip. I’m very happy with this knife. It lives on the shoulder strap of my bug out bag/5(4).
  6. Jul 05,  · Cloth Paper Scissors Art Lessons are a monthly digital download that let you do a deep dive into a fantastic project while learning tons of techniques; there’s practically a photo for each step. I have the perfect way for you to get acquainted with these tutorials: our Collector’s Edition.
  7. If you want really big numbers that your computer can't handle, print it as big as possible anyway and take it to the office supply store to enlarge it, one page per number/letter if necessary. Put double stick tape on the back around the edge of the numbers, and carefully cut with an exacto knife or those little sharp-pointed craft scissors.
  8. Jun 09,  · Monopoly Jr. Storage Set: Dresser and Box - CRAFTSTER CRAFT CHALLENGES - Feel free to skip ahead to the pictures.I initially didn't plan on entering this challenge since I didn't have any ideas. Then I had an idea.
  9. Heartiste, minion of Satan, addresses the Jewish Question with his usual combination of insight and empirical data. His data and conclusions are consistent with mine: My conclusions being that Jews are priests by nature, and we suffer from a crisis of an ever escalating excess of priests, and an ever escalating dangerously great theocratic power, ever escalating persecution of ever more minor.

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