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10 thoughts on “ If You See Something, Say Something - Looking Glass - If You See Something, Say Something

  1. Feb 08,  · If you see something, say something, and do something. 5. Bystander 0 A Bystander is a person who observes a conflict or unacceptable behavior. It might be something serious or minor, one-time or repeated, but the Bystander knows that the behavior is destructive or likely to make a bad situation worse. 6.
  2. From the Thursday edition of the Morning Jolt: ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ Only Works if Authorities Do Something An all-too-familiar, horrifying story: He preened with guns and.
  3. Feb 26,  · One of the most valuable tools the Sheriff's Department has to keep Lakewood safe is the eyes and ears of Lakewood residents looking out for their .
  4. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.™ Whether you’re following your regular commute route or on your way to a movie or meet up with friends, public transit is a key part of your day. You know public transit, and no one can spot something suspicious or out of place better than you.
  5. Tell the authorities who, when and where you saw something, and specifically what you saw. Be sure to note the number of the bus or train, or name of the transit station. Explain why you thought there was cause for suspicion.
  6. Campaign History. The "If You See Something, Say Something®" campaign was originally implemented and trademarked by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and is licensed to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the purpose of creating a nationwide campaign.
  7. Dec 03,  · The Rush Limbaugh Show Main Menu If You See Something, Say Something — But Not About Muslims, You Racist! whether it was things they’ve read .
  8. “If You See Something, Say Something ™ ” SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Improved awareness can prevent businesses from being used in illicit or terrorist activities.
  9. Sep 23,  · “If you see something, say something” was the favorite, and the agency adopted it that December. It got attention. Reports of suspicious packages in New Author: Hanson O'haver.
  10. Jun 20,  · One of the most upsetting aspects of this entire ordeal is that it all could have been avoided. After 9/11, the phrase “If you see something, say something” became an American slogan that basically implied a patriotic responsibility to looking out and working to protect our fellow bluegrass.ballarnfeziussaikelv.infoinfo: Jordan Segal.

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