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10 thoughts on “ ReRoot - Ignat Karmalito* - Heart Dance

  1. Jan 28,  · The Soundtrack of Healing. by Louise Palmer – January 28, Heal. The chapel area, a safe, heart-opening interior space in which to pray or be silent, has the most sophisticated and carefully arranged aural environment in the hospital. Every two or three hours, there is one piece of music for deep meditation that lasts about
  2. The 5 Rhythms make up a wave of energy. They are: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Often referred to as the “wave”. Rather than having set steps to follow, each Rhythm is a different energy field in which you can find your own expression and choreography, engaging your mind and imagination as well as your body.
  3. Cassie Ergler, DanceVibe. Name: Cassie Ergler Cancer is a disease that no one should have to endure. My heart goes out to all of those currently fighting. They are strong, brave, and most importantly, not alone. It’s scary to have something so powerful take control. I hope dance inspires them to push through and find the strength to.
  4. This six-session DVD group study from Ruth Barton, designed for use with the Sacred Rhythms Participant’s Guide, provides guidance for you and your group in a way that links the disciplines of the Christian faith to the most compelling desires of the human soul. Approx. minutes. Sacred Rhythms: Spiritual Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Life () by Ruth 5/5(2).
  5. “The experience was unbelievable my soul and my heart realized that it is possible to have a loving community on this planet. (I feel) empowered to bring care and love in my community through music.
  6. Awakening to the innate intelligence and warmth of the heart is a central feature of the Dharma Ocean path. The practices presented here provide an entry into this essential aspect of the teachings. Begin with the first track, Awakening the Heart.
  7. Dance as long as you need to for your emotions to clarify and pour out. Now, turn your mind back on. Think about a situation that is causing stress or a memory that haunts you. Let your body work its way through the maze of emotions until you arrive at peace.
  8. Here’s how you can strengthen your soul so you’ll be able to lead others from a place of spiritual strength: Allow your leadership challenges to draw you closer to God. Whenever you experience difficulties while leading, let those experiences show you your need for .
  9. In this citizenship-rich unit for KS2, sixty Year 5 pupils focussed on investigating the significance of Jesus teaching ‘to love God and to love your neighbour as yourself’, and the ways that it unites and motivates believers in following the example of Jesus in serving others.
  10. The vast possibilities of “Contemporary” dance will be explored, discovering its roots from several dance genres including Modern and Jazz. This is a class offered for all levels and capabilities, however previous dance experience is highly encouraged, as the pace of the class will move fairly quick compared to that of a beginning level.

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